About PEM


Praise English Ministry started from a calling that many of the staff and laypersons felt to reach out to the local community and create an extended family of God where passionate worship and intimate fellowship are central missional goals. We feel especially called to reach out to those who have grown up in the church but have since left, either due to bad personal experiences or a feeling of God’s absence in their lives. We are blessed to be so close to Rutgers University and being able to serve the campus for so many years.


To be one family that loves God, loves each other, and loves the world.


We strive to achieve our vision through House Churches.

Join Our Pemily

At PEM, we have a phrase that embodies what we strive to be: PEMily. When you become a part of our church, you become a part of our PEMily. We want to cultivate an environment where no one is a stranger and no one is pushed away because of their background.

Why family? Because we believe this is God’s design in Creation. From the moment that God spoke into Creation, He was building a garden home for the first family – Adam and Eve. Although sin broke apart this family, God has continually been rebuilding and redeeming the family. Ever since Genesis 3:15, God has promised that He will send a Savior who will crush the head of the serpent. But God did not do it directly Himself. The promise of the Savior has always come through a family. From Adam to Abraham, Noah to David, the vehicle of the salvation of the world has always been through the family.

So how does God ultimately finish the story of salvation? By breaking up His own family. In order for God to restore the world as build a family of believers, He had to break up His own family by forsaking Jesus on the cross. Jesus lost His Sonship – lost His Father on the cross – so that we can call God our Father and be called His sons.

The Church is the family of believers, and this is the amazing message of the Gospel. The Book of Genesis opens with a broken family but Revelations ends with a redeemed family (Rev. 21:7 – He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be My son). At PEM, we will continue this amazing story.

House Church

Simply stated, House Churches are the restoration of the New Testament churches (Acts 2:42-47; Acts 4:32-37) by living in smaller, intimate groups that meet weekly to break bread, worship passionately, and share our daily lives while building Christ-centered communities. Through House Churches, members are faithfully committed to be disciples of Jesus through living an active life of service to Jesus and by reaching out to non-believers with the hopes of salvation and making them into disciples of Jesus.

House Churches are not primarily Bible studies which typically deter non-churched people, but rather, they answer the big question: how can the church be the light and salt of the Earth if they cannot get the world to hear the Gospel? By building communities that love the Lord and love each other, our hope is that they will share this love to their neighbors.

We believe that evangelism should never be put on the shoulders of the individuals, but that each house church can show Gospel, transforming love to their non-believing friends, family, and co-workers. Our prayer and our hope is that our house church attendance will be greater than our Sunday attendance because of all the non-believers we are reaching out to.

If you would like more information in geneal, please contact us.



God says that all people are welcomed to His banqueting table. In the spirit of Biblical hospitality, this ministry is tasked specifically to help every newcomer find his or her place in this community. Praise English Ministry recognizes the importance of inclusion and thus focuses its efforts on reaching beyond the comfort zone of its core members. If you believe you can help us make everyone feel welcomed in the family of God, we invite you to join us in this great endeavor.


Praise English Ministry believes that the experience of worship through music simultaneously brings glory to God and edifies the congregation. Hence, the worship committee is deeply invested in making this communal experience accessible to all. We welcome those who would desire to use their vocal, instrumental and technical talents to enhance our Sunday worship through this ministry.


"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" (Romans 10:15) Praise English Ministry takes the proclamation of the gospel seriously and so strives to openly display God's activity both in the church and through the church. Media Committee is charged with ambitious task of utilizing a wide variety of communications to inform people, promote events and make connections. If you have gift in social media, website programming, photography or design, we invite you to serve on this committee.


Praise English Ministry has been nicknamed "PEMily" because we see ourselves as being adopted into one family of God. It is the goal of Fellowship committee to provide opportunities for even a big church to have that comfortable "small" family feel. From outdoor barbecues to house church singing competitions, this ministry is devoted to the organic fostering of authentic friendships in the context of spiritual growth and genuine fellowship.


Praise English Ministry acknowledges the periodic need for spiritual reflection and a break from our busy daily lives. Retreat Committee seeks to organize these important times of communal revival, during which God speaks so clearly to the church. If you would like to be involved in the planning, promotion and execution of PEM retreats, please do not hesitate to get involved.